The Signs of Our Time and Those Who Make Them for Kaufmann Mercantile

Sign painting was the original brand identity tool. Before “Mad Men” and Google, countless sign painters illustrated a company logo or product in iconic ads that sometimes stretched for stories, scaling even the tallest of skyscrapers. Sign painters knew the power of the eye-catching, the witty and the aesthetically pleasing image. In their hands, no less than the heritage of a local culture was beamed out for all to see…

Wanting to explore an American tradition for its Field Notes section that exemplified Kaufmann Mercantile’s adoration of tried-and-true products and trades, I wrote a profile of the sign painting craft for them. This involved interviewing contemporary sign painters, documentary filmmakers, as well exploring the deep and eclectic sign painting historical record. My essay was successful in driving traffic to the Kaufmann Mercantile website as well as helping the brand reach and connect with the modern sign painting audience.

To find this text published online, as well as more by the author, please click the following links:



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