Legacy Archiving Program Copy For Asset Atelier

Asset Atelier’s Legacy Archiving program sets the record straight. It turns the problem of disorganized and uncategorized libraries or ephemera into a traceable and monetizable solution. Whether for an individual or a company, Legacy Archiving arranges your data and information for easier access today as well as for the future. Ultimately, this process allows for a simpler, streamlined and distinct voice for each client to be heard and shared.

Aiming to draw more clients through their redesigned Legacy Archiving program, Asset Atelier tasked me with creating copy to best describe it. In order to grasp both the scope and the essence of the program, I spoke with one of the company’s founders at length. I honed her ideas and vision into a succinct yet catchy text, which will appear on their forthcoming website as well as a PDF download for future clients to share and view.

This text will soon appear on the new Asset Atelier website. For now, here is a link to their current website.


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