Lapham’s Quarterly – Charts for “Revolutions” Issue

Lending_A_Hand_LQ Lag_Times_LQRevolutions_Per_Minute_LQ


As an editorial intern at Lapham’s Quarterly, I researched, edited, fact-checked and published these three charts which appeared in the “Revolutions” issue of the magazine. Each chart is composed of original content, whilst properly citing the historical texts and image resources, of course. “Lending a Hand“, “Lag Times” and “Revolutions per Minute” demonstrate the multi-faceted nature of the term “revolution,” drawing out various meanings from a word of such import. 


Needs&Wants Paper Issue 01

Based in Toronto but with contributors and stories from all over the world, NEEDS&WANTS’ Paper is a bi annual in-print series of independent content [published by#needsandwantsstudios] exploring the synergy between fashion, art, architecture and travel—all at once. This isn’t the refuse of what we couldn’t fit into our clothes, presentation, or social media. It is not what our clothes lack, but a full scope of everything else NEEDS&WANTS’ is. Our palpable view of culture and ideas best presented on the printed page.

Working as Senior Editor for the inaugural issue of Needs&Wants Paper, I was responsible for all copy and language-related content. As my words in the above block quote illustrate, the text for this magazine intended to maximize all visual and audio aspects of the brand while conveying a sensibility about the brand and its influences in a manner that only words can convey. I collaborated with the founder and art director of the brand to ensure that all the content and copy matches the hi-low blend of the fashion line. The magazine has been well-received and is sought after in many cultural centers. Issue 02 is set to print soon.

Some of the text and images of the magazine appears on the Needs&Wants website.