Flagship Copy for NEEDS&WANTS

The envisioned space will be both forward reaching and historically cognizant. Of the future but still classic. We admire old spaces constructed with turrets, spiraling staircases, or parapets that seem less like adornment, but the requisite for beauty. Yet, the new, sleek, and deconstructed space stirs our affinity for vogue as well…

The next step for the popular NEEDS&WANTS brand is to open a retail space that serves as a gallery, maison, and office space as well. The brand’s founder, Sean Brown, asked if I would outline the many dimensions of the forthcoming studio. Writing copy that masqueraded as a manifesto, I effectively sold the idea of a brick and mortar NEEDS&WANTS studio.

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  • To bySeanBrown.com, the personal website of NEEDS&WANTS founder, Sean Brown. The essay appears in post  number 20140315.



Midnight City for Narrative.ly

While I knew that I had more than my fair share of Champagne, my wherewithal was negligible, making it impossible for me to point and say that drink was when I went from dinner-party tipsy to spectacularly drunk. However, I remember the blurry contours of mandolin shaped bottles, and the rush of aggravation hitting me, gut-kicked like, coming at me all at once…

Both a think piece as well as a reflection on NYC drinking culture, I contributed this essay to the sprawling Narrative.ly magazine. Pulling from my memories and literary ambitions, I cobbled together the events from a particularly addled evening, pouring forth my thoughts and reminisces, as it were. The essay would serve as a dark reminder that the underside of drinking, however cathartic, was now open and shared with the public.

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  • This text was first published at Narrative.ly.com, an online magazine. The essay appears halfway down the page.



Becoming Zooey Glass: A Note on Salinger Worship

That this road, the eleventh time over, if you think about it that way, has lead me to write about myself and the rhythmical legacy of Franny and Zooey on my life, is exactly the point of this essay.  High praise I can do while cooking basil and shrimp over vermicelli.  Acknowledging the differences, deep and ponderable, between Zooey and I takes the concerted and the best of curbed enthusiasm…


Wanting to explain why I read a particular book over and over again, I thought to examine my history with the text while pondering its place in my life now. Was I merely religiously devoted to a text and author who shaped my past selves? Or, as I suspect, it might be something more; informing my present and my actions, but not without shifting and evolving as time moves forward and I go on living.

  • This text will appear on the revamped Collier’s Magazine website and possibly in print as well. For the time being, the full text appears on this website under the Writings & Contributions Page.